Multi-National D-Beat-Crust-Metal Supergroup

And LO! So it came to pass, for it is written in times of yore. On the Seventh day He rested, and on the Six-Hundred-And-Sixty-Sixth day God created ANTI-BASTARD!

ANTI-BASTARD is a unique musical stew, far greater than the sum of its parts. A D-Beat-Crust-Metal supergroup, drawn together from the four corners of the Tyne (and Norway). One of them even has a driving licence. One-third of 'Sawn-Off' and two-thirty-ninths of 'Hellbastard'; ANTI-BASTARD is an elite unit of highly experienced sesh musicians, armed with really loud amps and a total disregard for the conventions of harmony and melody. They sound kind of like Venom having an awkward shite.

Fast bits, slow bits and as little melody as we can get away with. Radge as fuck heavy riff-punk.

ANTI-BASTARD will worm it's way into the hearts of the nation like a deadly parasite, draining your very soul of its vital lifesblood.

Take heed mortals!

Jonny - Guitar/Vocals

Dougy - Guitar/Vocals

Tom - Bass

Fil - Drums/Vocals

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Past Gigs

21st December 2019 - Saltcore 3 @ Saltburn house

6th Jul 2019 - The Doll @ The Black Bull

30th June 2019 - Roker Hotel

1st June 2019 - The Doll @ The Black Bull

19th May 2019 - Deuchars Arms

15th May 2019 - Trillians Newcastle

9th Mar 2019 - Little Buildings

23rd Feb 2019 - Musiclounge Stockton

28th Oct 2018 - Little Buildings

14th Oct 2018 - The Horse And Groom

29th Sep 2018 - Midgetpalooza 2

25th Sep 2018 - Trillians Newcastle

9th Sep 2018 - The Doll @ The Black Bull

14th Jun 2018 - The Doll @ The Black Bull

2nd Jun 2018 - Little Buildings

5th May 2018 - The Doll @ The Black Bull

4th May 2018 - Little Buildings

19th April 2018 - Trillians Newcastle

25th Mar 2018 - The Doll @ The Black Bull

19th Apr 2018 - Trillians Newcastle

2nd Dec 2017 - Byker Grave Festival

19th Nov 2017 - Trillians Newcastle

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